Our faculty is outstanding! Teachers use a variety of teaching methods within the classroom. They teach above grade level and excel at meeting the AZ State Standards. Teachers have college degrees and many have Master’s degrees. Our classes feature smaller class sizes with experienced, well-qualified teachers and aide support, so students receive more individualized attention. Staff resumes and information for all employees who provide instruction is available for viewing upon formal written request.

Whitni Taylor
Barbara Weidemann
KinderBridge Assistant to Whitni Taylor
Bailey McMillin
Bailey McMillin
Amber Harley
KinderBridge Assistant to Bailey McMillin
Gwen Bennett
Kindergarten Assistant to Katie Poyzer
Esther D’Souza
Glenda Shoemaker
Kindergarten Assistant to Esther D’Souza
Elizabeth Merritt
1st Grade Assistant to Danielle Beck
Kathie Lyons
1st Grade Assistant to Dawn Richards
Debbie Gardner
2nd grade assistant to Ms. John
Liz Ford
2nd grade assistant to Holly Kottke
Ronda Thornton
3rd grade assistant to Emily Moon
Laurel Zimmerman
3rd grade assistant to Emily Guy
Edith Parcasio
Ann Sauriol
Lisa Flader
Lisa Flader
Libby Garza
5th and 6th Grade Science and Social Studies Teacher
Carly Stahl
Carly Stahl
John Mahnke
Idoia Caceres
Sabrina Cicero
Sabrina Cicero
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